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Characterization and Photocatalytic Treatment of Oil Produced Water Using TiO2

M. A. A. Al Mashari, M. J. Varghese, S. Feroz, L. N. Rao


Photo catalytic oxidation is gaining momentum in treating waste water very effectively coupled with solar energy. The solar nano photo catalytic technique involves excitation of a semiconductor through the adsorbent of the electromagnetic radioactivity, most generally within the UV spectrum. In one methodology titanium dioxide semiconductor is excited by using photons which possess sufficient electricity to motivate electrons from valence band which known as band gap, to the conduction band. Nano-solar photocatalysis can degrade tenacious organic and inorganic pollutants present in waste water. Through photo catalytic reaction exposed to solar, UV irradiation, essentially the pollutants are converted into carbon dioxide and water. The objective of this research work is characterization and treatment of oil produced water using solar energy and nano photocatalyst like TiO2 in batch and continuous reactors. The synergetic effect of solar energy and nano-photocatalysis serve to reduce the organic particles present in the oil produced water. As per the experimental study there is considerable reduction in the amount of organic pollutants present in the oil produced water from photo catalysis.


Nano-Photocatalysis, solar energy, oil produced water, batch and continues reactors, and titanium dioxide

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