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Procedure of Agarose Gel and Its Recycling Using Various Cost Effective Methods

Muhammad Aamir Khan


Agarose gel electrophoresis is an ordinarily utilized procedure as a part of different zones of biotechnology. This self-important yet particular scientific system is utilized as a part of exploration, biomedical, and criminological research centers. Agarose gel reusing is a reasonable methodology for sub-atomic hereditary studies. Reuse of agarose gel for day by day routine examinations to spare cash because of restricted monetary assets for exploration.
This practice fulfills a need to control costs. Reused agarose can be utilized for the examination of genomic DNA, PCR-RFLP investigation, or different applications in which no further control of the DNA is essential. Here, we report a basic yet enhanced reusing strategy, which is nearly like new agarose gel.

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