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Multiscale Modeling of Elastic Properties Based on Micromechanics

Prateek Manchanda


This paper addresses multiscale firmness homogenization procedure to separate macroscale versatile mechanical properties of four sorts of manageable cements from their nanoscale mechanical properties. Nine distinctive practical solid blends were considered. A model in light of micromechanics was utilized to homogenize the versatile properties. The solidified bond glues were homogenized by three systematic strategies in view of Self-Consistent and Mori-Tanaka plans. The proposed multiscale strategy consolidates progressed trial and scientific strategies efficiently so that the data sources are nanoscale stages properties separated from measurable nano indentation system and mechanical properties of blend fixing. Anticipated flexible properties were reliable with customary test comes about. Connecting homogenized mechanical properties of economical cement to volume extents through a diagnostic approach gives a basic initial move towards objective enhancement of these materials.


cement, micromechanics, nanosensors

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