Structural and Elastic Properties Calculation of CdX (X= S, Se, Te) Semiconductors from First-Principles

Bramha P Pandey


First-principle calculations have been performed to calculate the structural and elastic properties of wurzite (wz) CdX(X= S, Se, Te) chalcogenides semiconductor using the plane wave pseudo-potential method within the projected augmented wave approximation (PAW),which works directly with full all electron (AE) wavefunctions and AE potentials. The values of lattice constant (a) and (c), internal parameter (u), Bulk modulus (B), and reduce pressure derivative bulk modulus ( ) using equation of state(eos) have been calculated. The elastic stiffness constants Cij, i.e., C11, C12, C13, C33, C44, C66; Bulk modulus (B)using Cij, Young’s modulus (Y), Shear modulus (G), Poisson’s ratio ( ), Zener anisotropic factor (A), G/B ratio and Debye temperature(θD) have been calculated using stress-strain approach method. The calculated values of these parameters are compared with the available experimental and theoretical values, specially reported by P. Gopal et al.2015 using ACBN0 functional. Reasonably good agreement has been obtained between them at low computational cost using PAW method.


Wurzite II-VI semiconductors; First-principle calculations; Elastic constants; Debye temperature.

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