Zinc oxide/Chitosan biocompatible nanocomposites: Preparation, Characterization and its use in Congo red dye photodegradation

Chaitanya Lakshmi G, Kusha Sharma, Swathi Krishna


Zinc oxide/chitosan biocompatible nanocomposites have been successfully synthesized by co-precipitation method. The samples were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), Scanning electron microscope (SEM), Energy dispersive X ray Flurescence spectroscopy (EDAX) and Fourier transformation infrared spectroscopy (FTIR). The photocatalytic efficiency and photostability of the sample was investigated systematically for Congo red degradation under solar light irradiation. UV-vis Spectroscopy was employed to investigate the optical properties and photocatalysis behavior of the Zinc oxide/Chitosan composites. It was shown that zinc oxide/chitosan biocompatible nanocomposites could drive to a plausible strategy for developing finest photocatalyst to degrade wastewaters by using solar light.


Congo red, Zincoxide/Chitosan conjugate, photocatalysis, photo degradation

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