International Journal of Applied Nanotechnology

Journal is an international peer-reviewed journal that focuses on the recent advancement in the field of nanotechnology and its application. Major topics covered under the heading of applied nanotechnology are nanotoxicology, nanomedicine, nanobiotechnology and nano-optics. Jounal mainly publish original research article, review papers and short communications.


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Vol 3, No 2 (2017)

Table of Contents


Toxicity Evaluation for accumulation of nanoparticles in biological system PDF
Prakhar Agarwal, Manisha Singh 1-7
Structural and Elastic Properties Calculation of CdX (X= S, Se, Te) Semiconductors from First-Principles PDF
Bramha P Pandey 8-15
A Brief Review on Optical Properties of Boron Carbon Oxy-Nitride: A Phosphor for Future Era PDF
Diptonil Banerjee, P. K. Chakraborty, I. Chaudhuri 16-26
Zinc oxide/Chitosan biocompatible nanocomposites: Preparation, Characterization and its use in Congo red dye photodegradation PDF
Chaitanya Lakshmi G, Kusha Sharma, Swathi Krishna 27-39
Study and Simulation of Radiation Effects on MOS Structures through High Energy Ions PDF
E. N. GANESH 40-46

ISSN: 2455-8524