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Characterization and Wear Behavior of TiN, TiAlN, TiCrN and AlCrN PVD Coatings Deposited onto AISI H13 Hot Forging Die Steel

Subhash Chandera, Vikas Chawla, Badri Narayan


Four Nitride coatings TiN, TiAlN, TiCrN and AlCrN were deposited onto AISI H13 hot work die steel by cathodic arc evaporation physical vapour deposition (PVD) technique. The coatings were characterized by SEM, SEM-EDS, XRD, line scan EDS and X-Ray mapping tests and micro hardness tester. The wear characteristics were investigated using a pin on disc method at high temperature and speed against En-31 bearing steel disc. It was observed that the TiAlN and AlCrN coatings have lowest wear rate than other coatings at high temperature (550°C). Also, these coatings best performed during actual industrial practice. The enhancement in die life was reported to 40% and 55% in terms of parts being hot forged. Low value of coefficient of friction for all coatings at 550°C, partly be attributed to lower hardness difference between the pins and discs, decreased plastic deformation in the contact and consequently less ploughing (abrasive wear action).

Keywords: Hot forging, Die, PVD, Coatings, SEM-EDS, XRD, Tribometer.

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