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Recent Trends and Challenges of Lithium Sulphur Batteries

T. R. Heera, Gengan Saravanan


Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries that are currently available in market have certain limitations due to their low energy density and do not meet the growing demands of the energy storage market. Thus, the building next-generation rechargeable Li and Li-ion batteries with the higher energy densities, better safety characteristic, lower cost and longer cycle life is vibrant to overcome the challenges of fast depleting conventional energy resources. To achieve smaller and lighter next-generation rechargeable Li and Li-ion batteries that can outperform commercial Li-ion batteries, many new strategies involving different energy storage chemistries are being extensively investigated. In this review, we summarize the current trends and challenges of Li-S batteries.

Keywords: Lithium, Sulphur batteries, Li-ion, Li-S batteries, Energy.

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