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Synthesis of chitosan mediated nanoparticles and its antimicrobial activity

C.P. Kulkarni


In this study, chitosan nanoparticles were synthesized from chitosan polymer by ionic gelation method. The chitin was first extracted from crab shell and then deacetylated to chitosan. The presence and characterization of chitosan nanoparticles was investigated by UV-Visible Spectroscopy (UV) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The antimicrobial property of these chitosan nanoparticles were studied against E.coli, S.aureus, S.typhi, P.aureginosa, C.albicans and A.niger and compare with chitosan polymer. CSNPs showed higher antimicrobial activity than chitosan. The study is thus a good demonstration of the applicability of chitosan nanoparticles as an effective antimicrobial agent.

Keywords: Antibacterial Activity, Chitosan, Crab shell, Nanoparticles, SEM

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