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A Tiny Revolution in Agriculture

K. S. Rajashekara


The development of nanotechnology and its advancement is bringing about changes in all walks of life. It has significant influence on agriculture and its related activities. Nano as a magical technology has many hidden things in its store for human welfare. Scientists all over the world as nano-carpenters are busy in nano-carpentry to uncover the hidden benefits of nanotechnology. They are designing smart materials and nanosensors at different nano scale for industrial and other applications. The development of nanosensors and its application in farming sector for precision farming with geographical information system and remote sensing and smart delivery system is leading to tiny revolution in agriculture. This paper as exploratory research examines the new agricultural practices like precision farming, smart delivery system and the emerging particle farming using the available literature. The application of nanotechnology in agriculture brings about tiny revolution and makes agriculture more prospective occupation in the emerging nanoeconomy. The world population is currently about 7 billion people of whom about 2 billion are malnourished and an equal number live below the poverty level. At present, 50% of global population lives in urban areas and it may cross 60% by 2030.The rapid growth of population and fast urbanization has reduced the availability of land for cultivation creating a gap between food production and population proving the Malthusian Theory of Population. The new agricultural practices because of the advancement in nanotechnology can make agriculture prospective occupation and prevent migration of rural population to urban areas. It also ensures food security which is a great challenge of this century. The impact of nanotechnology on economic development particularly agriculture development should be carefully examined, and proper policy decisions should be worked out.

Keywords: Bottom up Approach, Nanosensors, Smart Delivery System, Smart Materials, Particle Farming

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