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Investigation of Losses in Nanocrystalline Soft Magnetic Nanomaterials - Review



The dependency of power loss on frequency and maximum induction in soft magnetic materials, is considered for loss prediction in nanocrystalline material Fe73,5Cu1Nb3Si13,5B9 in the range , .The proposed formula is derived from considerations on the Poynting theorem and takes into account multi-scale power loss dissipation in soft magnetic materials. It takes the form The knowledge of the scaling exponents in the abovementioned formula allows us to predict power loss in the material. The value of this error is relevant when over-dimensioning of magnetic cores in electric devices, which could incur unnecessary costs, is concerned. It is shown, that the proposed dependency could be useful for loss prediction. The obtained results may be used at the production stage, when specific magnetic properties may be fine-tuned and tailored to appropriate applications as well as when designing magnetic circuits in energy conversion devices.


Magnetic, nanocrystalline material, scaling coefficients

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