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Synthesis, Structural and Thermal Properties of Nanoporous Silica Aerogels

M. Alam, F. Bin Shahin, A. K. Ehsanul Haque Mashuk, Md. Khizir Al Zabir, M. Hasan Khan, R. Roy, Md. Nasfikur R. Khan


Aerogel is a pellucid that has varieties of permeable and fabricated solid materials with remarkably low density. It has an exceptional thermal insulation and its structure varies from analogous to foamed polystyrene during solid state. Aerogels are considerably the lightest when solid due to presence of air by volume, which is around 99.8%. For extracting aerogels, air or other specific types of gas are used; heat therapy is also used to maintain its structure. The most common types of aerogel are obtained from silicon and carbon. In this paper, we will try to discuss silica aerogel’s properties and its applications.

Keywords: aerogel, nanoporos, porosity, silica, synthesis

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