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Material Selection for the Prosthetic Hand

Punit Kumar Rohilla, Suresh Verma, Dinesh Bhatia, Nitin Sahai, Sudip Paul, Angana Saikia, Sushmi Mazumdar


Science and technology are touching the sky in today’s scenario. As the time passes technology has been used for the betterment of the human life as much as possible. Recent development leads various researchers in the field of biomedical and biotechnology engineering. Considering the current scenario this work is related with the design of a prosthetic hand for the amputee. It requires that a number of parameters should be considered but material selection is one of the key parameter in the design of the artificial hand. As the material selection directly affects the strength, weight and cost of the prosthetic hand. In present work stress analysis using ANSYS is performed for various materials and their comparative study is done. This work helps the design engineers as well as manufacturers to select better material with low cost, low weight and high strength. It is observed from the study that Nylon 6 can be used for prototype manufacturing of the prosthetic hand. The quality of life of the amputee would be improved with the improvement in the prosthetic hand technology.

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