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An Indigenous Device to Monitor Cholesterol Level Non-Invasively

Prof.G. Lavanya, S. Reshma, S. Sharmilaa, B. Vennilah


Cholesterol is a major component of all cell membranes and is used to make essential molecules such as hormones, fat-soluble vitamins, and bile acids to help you digest your food. Approximately, the human body skin has 11% of cholesterol content, and cholesterol synthesis in the mammals skin accounts to 30% of the total body cholesterol synthesis. The main focus of the study is on non-invasive method of measuring cholesterol using infrared sensor connected to an Arduino board. Methods for non-invasive blood analysis were disclosed in which blood is illuminated at a number of discrete wavelengths selected from the infrared (IR) spectrum, based on the acquisition of information from the analysis of skin components by using a simple test. Reflected and transmitted light intensity are measured.

Keywords: Arduino, cholesterol, infrared, intensity, non-invasive, reflected, transmitted


Cholesterol; Arduino; Infrared; Non-Invasive; intensity; transmitted; reflected

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