International Journal of Composite and Constituent Materials

International Journal of Composite and Constituent Materials is focused on providing a platform for the recent advances in fibre technology, hybrid materials and nanocomposite.. Journal accepts both experimental and theoretical papers that can create an impact on the ongoing research.

Vol 4, No 2 (2018)

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Table of Contents


A Brief Discussion on Plastic Wastes Sortation Procedures PDF
Md. Nasfikur R. Khan, Mehdi Alam, SK Adif Farhan, M M Tanzirul Iqbal, Abdul Muneem Al Hasani, Md. Rakib Hasan 1-7
Development of Epoxy Based Hybrid Composite Reinforced with Jute and Glass-fiber and Effect of Silicon Carbide additive on it’s Mechanical Properties PDF
Deepu J. N., Sripad kulkarni S., Shreyas S. Kashyap, Deepak P. N., Kuruba Sivaprakash, Priyanka Aski 8-12
Influence of Concentration Variation of Chemical Pre Treatments on Tensile Properties of Coir Fibre Reinforced Composites PDF
Mridul Mani Tripathi, Vishnu Kumar KL, Krish Kumar, Gulshan Kumar, Rahul Siddhartha 13-20
A review on E-waste: National & International Scenario PDF
Vikas Choudhary 21-31
Review on Gold Nanoparticles and Their Applications PDF
Parul Katyal, Monika kumari 32-39

ISSN: 2456-5237