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Development of Epoxy Based Hybrid Composite Reinforced with Jute and Glass-fiber and Effect of Silicon Carbide additive on it’s Mechanical Properties

Deepu J. N., Sripad kulkarni S., Shreyas S. Kashyap, Deepak P. N., Kuruba Sivaprakash, Priyanka Aski


In this project, an effort is made to compare the improvement of the matrix material properties because of the presence of the fillers and additives. Initially, hand lay-up process was carried out in a mold of known dimensions to layup jute fibers of varying weight percentages in the epoxy matrix. Another composite with glass fibers of similar weight percentages to that of jute were laid up in epoxy matrix in the same mold. These composites were subjected to tensile, bending and impact tests according to the ASTM standards. The best fiber-resin composition was decided from the test results. Composite with both glass fiber and jute as fillers and epoxy as matrix was produced using the hand lay-up for the determined weight percentage. The dimensions of the spacers used, thickness of each fiber laid and all the other process parameters were kept constant for all lay-ups. The hybrid composites were produced with 5%, 10% and 15% additive. These composites were again subjected to tensile, bending and impact tests and the results were drawn.


Hand lay-up, Fillers, Weight percentages, Additives, Hybrid Composites

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