International Journal of Composite and Constituent Materials

International Journal of Composite and Constituent Materials is focused on providing a platform for the recent advances in fibre technology, hybrid materials and nanocomposite.. Journal accepts both experimental and theoretical papers that can create an impact on the ongoing research.

Vol 4, No 1 (2018)

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Table of Contents


Solution to the Arsenic Problem in West Bengal: Exploring Some Non-Conventional Ways PDF
Debjani Mandal, Manali Biswas, Bibhas Bhattacharyya, Indranil Saha, Debabrata Mandal, Shamsuzzaman Ahmed, Abhishek Basu 1-4
Free Vibration Analysis of a Centre-Cracked Plate at Various Orientations through Finite Element Method PDF
Amit Kumar Gupta, Jyoti Vimal, Vedansh Chaturvedi 5-18
Behavior and Comparison of High Strength Concrete (M45) Using Super Plasticizers (SP 430) As Admixture PDF
M. ShivaRamaKrishna, Koudagani Venkatesh, Banoth Yakub, E Malathi 19-23
Experimental Investigation on Clayey Soil Reinforced with Polyester (Recron -3S) Fibres PDF
Kodurupaka Rajesh, Adep Dhanalaxmi, Velugandula Vaishnavi 24-27
Synthesis & Characterization of ZnSe/CdSe/ZnS Nano-particles embedded in Polymer matrix- A Review PDF
K. K. Kushwaha, S. Kumari, S. K. Mahobia, S. K. Tiwary, B. K. Sinha, M. Ramrakhiani 28-33

ISSN: 2456-5237