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Design and evaluation of processes in paper manufacturing industry

Nikhil Dev


Paper manufacturing company is the heart of development for any country. In the present work study of the paper manufacturing processes is carried out in order to develop better understanding on product development. In the present work analysis of the processes performed in the industry at different level is performed. Paper industry uses waste agro products like sarkanda grass, bagasse, wheat husk, bazra, jute bags, cartoons etc being collected from various nearby villages from the farmers. In the paper industry maintenance work of whole plant is studied. From the analysis it is observed that sand and soil particles that are present in the wheat husk clog the pump and also causes rapid wear of various equipments parts. For the performance improvement washing of wheat straw and removal sand and soil particles from the wheat husk improves the performance improvement. The black liquor produced after the cooking process is the biggest pollutant that can generate in paper industry. Black liquor is converted into the sodium carbonate which can be consumed by other industry. Recovery of chemical will save the environment and also will add to the economy of company as chemical produced will be sold in the market.

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