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A Mini Review on Refractory Materials

Radhika Gupta


Refractory retains its strength at high temperatures & gt; 500°C. They must be chemically and
physically stable at high temperatures and need to be resistant to thermal shock, should be
chemically inert, and have specific ranges of thermal conductivity and thermal expansion and are
used in linings for furnaces, kilns, incinerators, crucibles and reactors. Aluminium oxide
(alumina), silicon oxide (silica), calcium oxide (lime) magnesium oxide (magnesia) and fireclays
are used to manufacture refractory materials. Zirconia has extremely high temperatures. SiC and
Carbon are also used in some very severe temperature conditions, but cannot be used in oxygen
environment, as they will oxidize and burn.

Keywords: Refractory Materials, Aluminium oxide, silicon oxide, calcium oxide magnesium oxide, fireclays

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