An Evaluation of Cracks Repairing Techniques in Metals

O P Rathod


Cracks are surface that develop in a material. Dissemination energy derived from mechanical, thermal, chemical, and metallurgical effects, or a grouping of these may affect crack beginning and growth. Numerous types of cracks exist in metals and can be characterized as grinding, solidification, cooling, crater, machining tears, plating, centerline, pickling, heat treatment, fatigue, creep, stress corrosion and hydrogen cracks. Cracks can grow and lead to complete fracture of the component posing significant threats to component life and may lead to serious injuries or loss of life. Brittle fracture in metals occurs with little or no visible warning. Discovery of any cracks warrants immediate interventions to arrest the cracks before they propagate to the point of fracture. Numerous crack recognition and repair techniques in metals have been developed, categorized and certified through examination. This paper presents the repair techniques of cracks in metals.

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