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Numerical Simulations on Suitability of Blending Indian Coal during Normal Air Combustion

Shivakumar R, Samita Maitra


The development of the country’s economy in the past decade has increased the energy consumption in India. The major source of energy in our country is combustion of fossil fuel i.e. coal. The research on pyrolysis of coal and other fossil fuels is related to unsteady state, one dimensional, variable property model of transport phenomena with inclusion of heat, mass and momentum transfers. In the present research work mainly aimed to understand the feasibility of blending an imported coal with an Indian coal in normal air combustion. Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation ANSYS 14.5 version was used to simulate the combustion behavior for high ash content Indian coal and low ash content bituminous coal imported from Australia. The simulation was carried out for both as receives basis and dry ash free basis to understand the ash layer effect. Results indicated that blended coals combustion behavior is different from pure coals in terms of gas peak temperatures and CO2 mass fraction.
Key Words: Combustion, Simulation, turbulence and coal

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