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Enhancement of Power Factor and Effective Performance of an Induction Motor Based Converter-Fed Rotor

M. Ramesh, MD Imran, V Sindhuja, T Ravali


Abstract— Taking a novel concept of a rotor that is fed by a converter, this paper attempts to investigate an induction machine. In this the stator has been directly connected to the grid and it is also Y connected while the rotor windings are open-ended fed to a back-to-back converter with a floating capacitor. The factors that are carefully studied are the power factor and the efficiency improvements of the induction motor under various settings of a phase shift angle between the two converters. At the same time, what is well explored is the dynamic performance of the induction machine in MAT lab or Simlink lab and certified through the experiment on a 1.8 kilo W induction machine in the lab. The found result exhibits a good co-ordination between the simulation and the experiment. On a regular speed, different load operation of the induction machine is achieved when the frequency of the rotor voltage was set.

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