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Design and Simulation of Single Phase Five Level Inverter for a Novel Solar PV Hybrid Energy System

M. Ramesh, Md Imran, M Sandhya, T Gangabavani


Abstract - In current global energy scenario, renewable energy sources can play an important role in meeting the ever increasing energy demand. This is due to exhaustive nature of fossil fuels and the environmental pollution caused by other conventional energy sources. Among renewable energy sources, solar photo-voltaic system is the most popular one as solar energy is available in abundance without paying any cost. The output voltage generated from the solar panels depends on solar irradiance level and temperature. This paper intends to present a novel solar PV/battery hybrid energy system with a single phase five level inverter. The battery is used as a backup source when in case solar power is absent. The By using a bi-directional converter the power flow through the battery is controlled. Hence, the maximum utility of the battery is extracted. A changed single phase five level inverter topology is used for the proposed configuration for converting DC voltage that is generated from the solar photovoltaic or battery energy sources to AC voltage for feeding to the load. The total harmonic distortion (THD) has been reduced in the output voltage by the usage of a five level inverter and therefore eliminates the use of bulk filters at eh output side. The system which is proposed for the study of simulation is carried out using MAT lab Simulink. Simulation results are provided in this paper for different cases.
Keywords—photovoltaic system; renewable energy; multilevel inverter; hybrid energy system; bidirectional converter

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