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A Literature Survey on The Effect of Carbon Percentage on Structural Steel’s Compressive & Tensile Strength

Prateek Saxena, Vishal Rathore


The fundamental necessity of playing these method is that to enhance the strength, hardness, dimensional stability & wear resistance by passing the fabric through cooled space that enhance the hardness of the fabric as a result of theirs Associate in Nursing increment takes place within the proportion of primary solid solution within the structure. If such style of method area unit employed in producing the steel of various class which boosts the properties of fabric at the stage of cooling in negative temperature with the utilization of cryogen or different cooling media & of these merchandise are employed in totally different area unites with bigger performance. Result shows that the strength of fabric is accumulated as we have a tendency to cool the fabric in negative temperature inside a similar elongation when its manufacture i.e. 741.27 N/mm² to most of 793 N/mm² at -15OC & 802 N/mm² at -30OC & 168.25 BHN to a most of 199 BHN at -15OC & 260 BHN at -30OC when cold treatment.

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